HONMA GOLF CO., LTD. (head office: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 35F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo; representative director & president: Yasuki Ito) signed a contract for the use of clubs and articles with professional golfer Bo-Mee Lee, winner of the YOKOHAMA TIRE GOLF TOURNAMENT PRGR LADIES CUP on the LPGA Tour (March 11 to 13) at the TOSA Country Club, Kochi.

Bo-Mee Lee earned her first victory of the season and her sixteenth career victory on the tour by prevailing over Asuka Kashiwabara and Akane Iijima in a playoff.

Starting in third place three strokes behind Ha-Nuel Kim (who had maintained her hold on first place since the first day of the tournament), Bo-Mee Lee sunk a birdie on the first hole before proceeding to maintain her score at par. On the eighteenth and last hole of the round, Bo-Mee Lee – one stroke behind the leader by this time – drove her tee shot towards the right and took her second shot, which was caught in some trees.

With a TOUR WORLD TW727 8-iron club in hand, Bo-Mee Lee put an intentional slice on her ball from 134 yards out and managed to bring the ball to within about 30 centimeters of the pin for an absolutely amazing shot. Last year’s prize-money queen dropped in a beautiful birdie to give the huge crowd of spectators watching a fantastic reason to celebrate as three participants would go on to compete in a playoff.

On the fourth hole of the play-off round, Bo-Mee Lee brought her ball to within five meters of the far side of the hole and then made a birdie with a downward sloping hooking putt to cap her day and earn her first victory of the season. Bo-Mee Lee brushed off the pressure of living up to her status as the defending prize-money queen on the tour and won her second contest of the season to bring herself a step closer to the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Seven members of TEAM HONMA managed to make it through the preliminary round of this tournament. Other team members finished notably as follows: Ha-Nuel Kim tied for fourth place, Mami Fukuda tied for seventh place with a round of 66 on the final day, and Haruka Morita tied for ninth place. Four members of our team finished in the top ten. Participating for the first time on a full-fledged basis on the JPLGA Tour this season, Haruka Morita has thus far earned a top-ten finish in two consecutive tournaments.

In the course of aspiring to win thirty tournaments worldwide this year, TEAM HONMA will once again demonstrate the advantages of our TOUR WORLD x VIZARD clubs on tours around the globe during the 2016 season.

We hope that you will continue to support TEAM HONMA as we endeavor to reach our goal

[Date of Birth] August 21, 1988

[Nationality] Korea

[Height]  158cm

[Club Setting]

1W: TOUR WORLD TW727 455 10.5°  VIZARD YA55 (R)




UT650 Iron: TOUR WORLD TW727 Vn (#5-#10)  VIZARD IB85 (R)

Wedge: TOUR WORLD TW-W     NS850GH (R)

There were many pressure-filled moments throughout this tournament. Having survived them, I’m truly thrilled for this victory. I believe that I was able to win in the face of such pressure thanks in particular to the trust I have in HONMA clubs.

I was further bolstered by seeing my colleagues on TEAM HONMA (Ha-Nuel and Mami Fukuda) compete for spots at the top of the leaderboard. I was also very happy to realize that so many spectators in the gallery were cheering me on as I played.

Thank you, everyone! I hope you will continue to support me as the season progresses.